Rodent, Rats and Mice Control

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a) All Trap Rat glue on tin plate – Non-poisonous glue. It’s a product of killing the mice and rats. Absolutely not poisonous, inalterable, odorless. It becomes a deadly trap when applied to pieces of cardboard or plywood. It also becomes as obstacle for lizards, ants, beetles, flies, mosquitoes, crickets, etc.

b) Racumin paste is highly effective anticoagulant rodenticide for the control of rats (Rattus rattus, Rattus norvegicus) Racumin Paste is a ready to use product suitable to be applied in orchards, cellars, farms, stables,287783_680549_cover_kzLugf9 goods depots, dumping area, sewers, sewage and ships.

c) Rodenticide Bait, Manual and Wire Rat Trap – In addition, we will apply various kinds of Rodenticide Bait, Manual and Wire Rat-Trap for rodent, rats and mice control services.

* All above are applicable for both inside and outside premises (wherever necessary)

* Time Required – Application time maximum 1 to 2 hours and follow up will be conducted for 1/2 times @ 24 Hours interval.

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