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In order to make the human, pet, livestock and wildlife environment habitable, to prevent disease spread and occurrence and to protect damage to food and property, Greencare provides professional and effective pest control services.

This is done by baiting, application of repellents and eradicative treatment against insect pests such as Termites, cockroaches, sugar ants, Bedbugs, mites, woodworms, white flies, mosquitoes, silver fish, fumigation against weevils in silos, stores and other facilities, baiting against rats, mice and moles, snakes control, treatment of pet and livestock housing against pests.

The benefit from our services is freedom from the following problems associated with pests.

I. Pests are offensive
Pests are very offensive. Most people on seeing them become very uncomfortable and some get nauseated.

II. Pests transmit diseases
These include plague, histoplasmosis, Leprosy, Asthma, Chaga’s disease, relapsing fever, pasterella mjamapseudotuberculosis, dermatomycoses, listeriosus, leptospirosis, salmonella typhimuruim,and, and various forms of encephalitis.

Mosquitoes can transmit malaria and yellow fever. They also lead to disturbances at work.

Cockroaches and sugar ants transmit serious gastrointestinal diseases like dysentery and typhoid while moths destroy fabrics.

For livestock and wildlife some many diseases are vector borne. These include East Coast Fever, Tripanasomiasis and Elephantiasis

III. Pests can bite
Pests like mosquitoes, rats and bats have painful bites and cause serious injuries. The resulting wounds when infected can result in gangrene, tetanus or blood poisoning. The bites of some insects can triggers life threatening allergic reactions

IV. Pests carry parasites
Rats, mice and bats carry parasites in their body. These include, parasitic flies, mites, soft ticks, and fleas some of which attack people and pets.

V. Pests cause destruction to property
Pests cause significant damage to property. Rats and mice destroy property by chewing. The can also start fires by chewing on electric cables. Moths destroy fabrics.

Greencare recommends regular treatment against these pests with a dramatic difference. The treatments will be done professionally and with health, safety and environmental concerns high on the agenda.

With the treatment that Greencare Limited will offer, the pest populations will be controlled significantly.

Greencare will also give a Certificate of Treatment and regular advice on other day to day methods that the staff can employ to discourage the pest populations from rising.

The regular treatment is because the pests will avoid old and contaminated baits. The mode of action of the chemicals in the bait will also be rotated in every treatment so as to eliminate the members of the pest population that are resistant to a certain mode of action of a chemical.

Mosquitoes will often repopulate the dark areas of the facility and will too require regular treatments. It is also difficult to exclude their entry into the facility. This being the case, their resting areas will be treated with non-staining, odourless and safe chemicals.

We ensure that the services we provide are timely and are of high quality. We are also available for any discussion with our clients at all times to discuss and follow up on any developments that arise in the course of working with them.

We also send our qualified technicians regularly to continually scout and keep track of any changes in populations and pest movement patterns.

Insects can transmit diseases to man, pets and livestock; they also lead to painful bites. The bites of some insects can triggers life threatening allergic reactions. Greencare provide the baiting for, application of repellents and treatment against insects like; cockroaches, houseflies and blue flies, mosquitoes, bees and wasps, spiders, bedbugs, fleas, sugar ants, termites (Pre construction and post construction treatment against termites), woodworms, bees, weevils, rats and mice, snakes, fumigation of cereals and dry foostuffs, treatment of pet and livestock housing against pests.

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